A3 Paper heart print


Stunning heart print made up of photographed 3d work. Created with 3D paper pyramids covered in the most beautiful and shiniest selection of papers. It would make an ideal gift for special birthdays, anniversaries, a house warming present or just a well earned treat for yourself! Limited edition signed 1 of 100 prints.

Sam Pierpoint

Sam Pierpoint

Hello, I'm a twenty-five year old artist, illustrator and designer based in Southampton. Inspired by culture, travel and Mother Nature, a lot of my work encapsulates the beauty and serenity that the natural world and beyond has to offer. My vast landscapes depict scenes from mountain peaks, fairytale wonderland right down to the deepest ocean beds and darkest caves. I specialise in 3d paper illustration so most of my work is built up out of patterned / textured card and paper. I then photograph, edit and arrange the work in Photoshop to create the finished piece. My illustrated shoes were originally a fun doodling experiment, but after a few were completed they began to gain a lot of interest. This is what prompted my decision to set up Loco Shoes, a side project which would enable me to experiment with and diversify my illustration style. Since I started, I’ve had orders from all around the world, and the shoes have received critical acclaim in magazines as well as on blogs and networking sites. All of my shoes are treated with a special finisher to stop the ink from running or smudging, and if painted on canvas they have been ironed and fixed. They all come well packaged in Loco boxes, tissue paper and an optional personalised message.

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