Feeding ducks southampton common-oil painting


This painting show the duck pond, known as Cemetery Lake, at Southampton Common, near to the Cemetery. The time of the year is late autumn and a young family can be seen feeding the ducks at the pond during a late afternoon. Seagulls and other birds are are also spotted here. The painting was created in oils using a 'wet into wet' technique, and is sized at 16"x 20". It was painted during late 2013. The web address is not on the painting! It is for sale at £400 inc frame.

Martin Davey Illustration And Fine Art

Martin Davey

Martin has spent his life within visual art, drawing and painting from an early age. He was also interested in photography/ film, not only in the art side but technical side. After a spell in college he worked in animation film production in Soho, London, working on productions for TV, advertising and film, using drawn techniques, later replaced with computer methods. Later in life he moved in to the areas of fine art and illustration, where his work is a mixture of traditional (oil/ acrylics) working methods and computer technology. His website (www.martindaveyillustration.co.uk) consists of computer generated artwork. His other website (www.martindaveyfineart.co.uk) consists of traditional media paintings. One other website (http://southamptonartistandartwork.co.uk) consists of paintings relating to Southampton and Hampshire landscapes.

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