'Sun' Coasters


'Sun' Coasters: £15 per pair. Laser engraved 6mm Birch Ply

Daff Illustration

Caroline Misselbrook

In 2009 I completed an Art Foundation year at Portsmouth University where I was able to freely experiment with an extensive range of materials and techniques within the studios, print rooms and workshops. I continued my artistic education here on the Illustration BA Hons course where I was able to fully engage my interests in mathematics and science with illustration. My work here focused on ‘Origins’ (the origin of the universe, nature and human life), the Solar System and the 540 million year old creatures from the Cambrian Era that lie at the roots of our evolutionary tree of life. communicate complex scientific themes. I enjoy using a variety of methods and materials to create my art and craft work: drawing, painting, printmaking, paper cutting, laser cutting, textiles and book works. For more information please take a look at my website www.daffillustration.com where you will find a gallery, news page and details of art tuition and workshops.

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