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Maija is an Australian born artist. With a background in design and collaborative project-management at Pixink Ltd, she has worked with many organisations and individuals to develop their brands and digital strategies. Maija has been a CAS Associate Artist since 2013 and the CAS Engagement Manager since 2018. Maija was a trustee of Test Valley Arts Foundation 2013 - 2018. She contributed to the CAS ‘Laboratory of Dissent 2015’, the ‘All About People Conference’ 2016 and an anthology of essays ’Dissent: A creative practice’ (2018), all on the topic of empowering individuals within collectives. Her research interests include the role of artists in society. In 2019 she published 'Paper-clips with Raven' an artists-book of poetry and film-stills.

Artist, poet and creativity-guide

Experienced project-manager and consultant

Has mentored business intra-preneaurs for innovation and product development as well as artists and creatives in personal and professional development groups.

maija’s artwork is sensory, often meditative, depicting emotional landscapes. working in mixed-media, she combines layers of dance and movement, poetry and utterances, with film and photographs creating links across time and geography.

i've been writing poetry since i was a teenager using stream of consciousness to get impressions down on the page in a way that coveys the texture of emotion, feeling, and language. it underpins much of my process, in increasingly surprising ways! author of 'paper-clips with raven'

i have a background in website-design and brand development. i love helping people to express their creativity in the world - and building a business or organisation is, in my opinion, a creative act as well! i enjoy helping people work through their strategies, and organise their information.

idea development, planning and strategy is so much more fun with your own creativity guide to help you map out the process, and advise on how you can build and grow your ideas. i am available to support you or your teams personal and professional development whilst realising your professional and business goals.

i am available to offer talks or interactive discussions that draw upon insight from artistic, digital and design disciplines. or about any of the projects listed on my website.

if you're familiar with my work you are welcome to contact me to explore how we might work together.

Available on request