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Everyone wants their guests to enjoy their event but if the budget won't stretch to a full catering package that can mean getting stuck in the kitchen while everyone else has fun!

In 20 years of catering, hospitality & event management, I have most often been asked: 'Can we provide our own food & drink?'

To most caterers that's like asking the pub landlord if you can bring your own beer - but that's usually the part people can manage for themselves quite economically.

The difficult bit is timing; the canapés need to go in the oven but you're a bit busy exchanging vows, the drinks need topping up while you're singing 'Happy Birthday', the washing up needs doing... and who ever wants to do that?

Willow Tree Events is here to help you do the bits you want, and do the rest for you.

Just as an example; a lovely couple recently held their wedding reception at a local venue, mum did poached salmon, aunties were on salads, cousins did pudding and father-in-law the drinks.

All they really needed was a bit of help coordinating it all and some good staff to look after them and clear up afterwards.

Result? A great party that everybody got to enjoy, with the minimum of expense

Another party had curry for 70 delivered by their favourite restaurant and needed china, cutlery & glassware as well as serving staff - and pudding of course... a fabulous pop-up ice cream parlour!

If what you want is a bit different or the budget is under pressure, give us a call - we'd love to help x

'Spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen'

Providing your own food & drinks? Got a favourite restaurant to do the main course? Don't need a whole catering package?

Just do the bits you want & let our friendly and professional team do the rest - we can source china & cutlery, glassware & linen, help with planning & serve your guests so you get to enjoy the event too.

We can also provide canapés, sweets, accompaniments and drinks - as much or as little as you need.

Items For Sale

'Coloured with Love' Hand drawn keepsake tablecloth

'A great idea to keep kids (or grown ups) amused during your party; colour in this beautifully illustrated tablecloth, complete with commemorative names and dates, and create a unique keepsake that's sure to become a family heirloom' 'This is a special tablecloth for our friends' wedding, it's got lots of things they like on it and everyone is going to help colour it in at the party so they will have something very special made with lots of love from all of us'


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