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I set up The Flourishing Business Ltd in 2013 to create the inspiration, momentum and support to enable individuals and organisations to make the necessary changes so that they are thriving not surviving. I am the difference that makes the difference between you doing it and talking about it. I am expert at spotting potential and opportunity and I will work with you to identify your strengths, raise your energy levels and give you the practical tools you need to make sustainable change to the way you do things.

My company is serious about the business of flourishing. I will find a way to work with any person or organisation who is serious about wanting to achieve; do something meaningful and have fun along the way. I can't promise you a lifetime of happy days but I can give you the tools to tackle the challenges along the way and ensure you enjoy the journey.

I have ten years coaching experience in a variety of settings. I have worked in businesses and schools. I have worked with entrepreneurs, teenagers, offenders and lots of women who were frustrated that they weren't getting the most from life or developing their potential.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, International Positive Psychology Association and the British Pyschological Society. I am an accredited Realise2 strengths practitioner both for individuals and teams.

I also have ten experience of project / contract management working in both the public and private sectors. I have a Management diploma from the CMI and a Masters degree in Law from Kings College London.

I am a strengths coach and I use positive psychology and strengths assessment and development to enable you and your business to flourish. I provide the support, motivation and practical help to make your business a success and give you the confidence to keep moving forward. I am experienced at working with female entrepreneurs and creative businesses. I only work with you for as long as you need me and it's my job to make sure that you don't need me for long.

Tina would be delighted to talk to your group about positive psychology, the use of strengths and flourishing.

Tina is an experienced business coach who specialises in strengths assessment and development. Using an online assessment Realise2 Tina will assess you on 60 strengths on the basis of use, performance and energy. She will produce a report for you that categorises your strengths into realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths. She will then work with you to maximise your unrealised strengths thereby capitalising on your untapped potential and she will help you minimise the impact of any weaknesses so that you and your business flourish.

Tina is an experienced project manager who can support you in delivering your project on time and to budget. She can either deliver the project for you or she can act as a mentor to guide you through the project. She is extremely ordered in her approach, is an excellent communicator and knows how to spin lots of plates without dropping them!

Tina is a PTLLS trained and can provide training in strengths development, time management, confidence, motivation, goal setting and flourishing.

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