Abeer Kayani

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I am drawn to objects that have a history. I love working with bold colour and intricate patterns. These are an integral expression of my cultural identity. I grew up surrounded by luscious material, embroidery, print and jewellery. I have a fascination for light and shadow structures, architectural geometries, degrading structures and am always looking for ways to create work with a playful twist!

Hi, I’m Abeer Kayani. I specialised in hand dyed and printed textiles from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. I have just graduated and exhibited at New Designers 2019 in Islington and am now looking to take my work further!

i create abstract drawings as well as using traditional styles for life drawing and still life work.

i create textiles art that responds to light and creates an immersive experience for the viewer. i use bold colours and intricate details and like to fuse elements that juxtapose one another

i make luxurious silk scarves that will be soon available to purchase.

i have experience tutoring young children from age 7-13. i am available to give art lessons or a workshop to build up the creative experience among young minds!

i make bespoke luxury scarves. to get in touch about a bespoke printed piece, email me or visit my website www.abeerkayani.com and contact me via the mail page