Richard Paul

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Visual Arts





I have been exploring the British landscape and painting from the experience since the 1990s. I work mainly from photographs that I take at the time and my memory of how it feels to be in the place experiencing the atmosphere, sound and light that I am immersed in. In each painting, whether it be a remote beach or a harsh industrial monolith, I put that feeling into the work so you can feel it too.

I am a landscape artist who paints the British landscape in a near photographic style, capturing the feeling of the place through the quality of light that the camera rarely captures. I exhibit several times a year in the Romsey area.

i am open to commissions, dependent on the subject and quality of source material to work from being sufficient for me to put the light and feeling into the picture that you experience from my other works. if you would like a commission, please contact me to discuss the subject, size and price.


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