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Nina Fraser is an artist and graduate from University of Southampton’s creative community at Winchester College of Art. Awarded a First Class degree in Textile Art, Nina experimented with animation, screen print and graphics before overseas travel inspired further interests in social and global issues that have since played a prominent role in her creative development. A commission in Australia introduced Nina to the concept of ‘adaptive’ artwork, where installations harmonise with their immediate surroundings through the incorporation of local colour schemes and objects in the nearby vicinity.Themes of transience and Eastern philosophy play a prominent role in Nina’s output and contribute essential elements to her artistic approach. Adopting an attitude favouring intuition over intellectualised form, successive layers of meaning are added with spontaneity, resulting in artwork that is rich in texture and interpretative value.In 2009 Nina expanded her choice of canvas to include physical forms, through her facepainting company Glitterarti to engage the community through colourful, inventive facepainting. Body art soon followed, allowing further artistic expression and exploration to be made through social and personal experimentation. In the summer, you might catch her with her facepainting pram, Off my trolley.Nina is a resident artist at unit11studios – a collective artist studio group close to the banks of the river Itchin. Nina is also a co-founder of The Art House Southampton, a not-for-profit community cafe and arts venue where she spends a lot of her time.

Nina Fraser is an artist and graduate from Winchester School of Art (2006). Based in Southampton, Nina co-founded The Art House Cafe Gallery, a not-for-profit cafe and community run arts organisation in 2008. She undertakes artistic commissions and creates self-lead artwork using a multidisciplinary approach - including painting, graphic design and textiles. Her artistic interests lie in self-examination, intuition, and spontaneity.


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A - Z 'Animetics' Poster

As part of Southampton’s involvement in the cultural Olympiad in 2012, I provided illustrations for Matt Wests poem ‘Animetics’, an alphabetic extravagance that journeys through the zoo of life. The poem and pictures have been combined to produce a high-quality 170gsm solvent gloss A2 artwork print that forms the basis of 'Project from a Poster', a fundraising initiative from Creative Commissions. See for more information.


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