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Sonia Rasbery has worked in the cultural sector since 1992. She has had a varied career encompassing the development of learning services, to curatorial roles to working for sector advisory services. She brings this wealth of experience to her current role as a freelance consultant. Through these roles she has worked with a wide range of organisations from the cultural, volunteer and green sectors.

Sonia is a committee member of Outside In and ArtRefuge, both are arts organisations supporting people at risk of exclusion.

She also has a keen interest in locally grown food, she grows her own organic fruit and vegetables in a plot in her back garden as well as volunteering at local organic small-holding Tuppenny Barn as a trustee.

As well as gaining a BA in History and a MA in Museum Studies, Sonia has also completed a RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate in Volunteer Organisation Management and a Continued Professional Development Course in Environmental Management and Assessment.

Rasbery brings together Sonia’s interest in growing your own, green issues and sustainability with her experience of working with a wide range of audiences through her career within the cultural sector.

Sonia Rasbery is a learning consultant with extensive experience of museum-related education, with a background in museum development on a regional and local level, and researching, developing and managing education services.

She specialises in project management and development, evaluation and community engagement for organisations across the cultural and green sectors.

She is also a qualified access auditor and provides access advice and support.

I am an experienced project manager and co-ordinator. I have successfully managed and delivered a range of projects including large and small scale multi-partnership projects, projects working with different audiences (e.g. with mental health participants), and those involving artists.


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