A Little About Us

Judging by the sheer number of you that visit this page (thanks analytics) we figure you're interested in who we are, what we do and why we do it… so here's the bit 'about us' the people of Culture Hampshire.

We are a community focussed not-for-profit social enterprise.

Created by the people, for the people we are not affiliated with any formal organisations or funded in any way and Culture Hampshire is run on a daily basis by volunteers.

We are here for you - your cultural community hub creating a virtual platform where not just the big boys, but also independent local businesses and people can list and promote their cultural activities.

You can join for free or you can support Culture Hampshire by becoming a member and paying a tiny *annual fee. We think you'll be delighted with all the membership benefits, a few of which you'll read about on this page and the rest you can find on our JOIN US page.

*The annual fee from memberships goes straight back into sustaining the site, supporting the development and growth of Culture Hampshire.

Original Founders

Liza Morgan, Art Gallery and Museum Learning Officer, bargain hunter, serial hoarder and mum to Baby Evie:

"The original idea for Culture Hampshire came from me and my frustration as a local Education Officer. I was desperate for a fully searchable database of local artists and historians to help me deliver my job for local Arts and Heritage venues.

So I plotted my master plan for a local artist database; I planned a site that would enable me (as well as others) to find and commission local artisans by art form, location, job discipline and the various services they would offer, such as workshops, lectures, private tuition. But there was no point having a website that no one knew about! So I set about recruiting my partners in crime……"

Contact me: [email protected]

Tom Knorz, Web Developer, Pro Golfer, lover of website widgets and soon to be taking on the role of Daddy – Yikes!

"To say Culture Hampshire is a huge website (which has taken a fair few hours to build) is no joke. There is so much fantastic creative and cultural talent and activity going on in Hampshire. Liza and Raz wanted to share this with as many people as possible, as easily as possible AND it had to look great at the same time! So it was my job to make it all happen. I added the Shop so our members can sell their locally made products, Jobs so that they can promote their vacancies and Gallery to showcase their business. The site is continuously growing and improving to meet the needs of Culture Hampshire members".

Contact me:[email protected]

Raz Hussain–Wright, Marketer, spreadsheet lover, serial organiser of fun and mum to a toddling and jabbering Amaya:

"Although Liza's concept for what is now the Culture People database was brilliant, really exciting and a much needed local resource, for it to be successfully utilised and not replicate other sites I felt we needed a site with content that would appeal to and generate interest from a much bigger audience. So Culture Places, a database featuring Hampshire's Theatres, Galleries, Museums, Hotels, Restaurants and Independent shops was added along with Get Culture which highlights What's on in Hampshire, creative skills workshops and learning opportunities that members of the public can enjoy and take part in. Once we had a concept that would appeal to everyone; local, national and international we needed a Developer Dynamo to help steer the ship…

Raz has now retired from Culture Hampshire but continues to be involved as a guest contributor

So after two years in the planning and 1 year live, we are pleased to say Culture Hampshire has grown into the popular local cultural directory and hub that we planned for it to be. Our hard work is paying off as our member testimonials and feedback speak for themselves.

We are delighted to have had so many creative people and organisations sign up to the Culture People and Culture Places Directories. But we know there are many more of you out there. So please if you are passionate about arts, heritage and cultural activity in Hampshire and want to support your community join us.

Please help us spread the word by liking us on Facebook, joining our mailing list, telling your friends and returning to our site.

If you're interested in joining our team of volunteers do get in touch. We're a friendly bunch and always looking for people to help us with writing and simply sharing the activity that goes into sustaining this site.

Thanks for reading 'about us'

Liza and Tom