Melanie Rose

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Visual Arts





Born in Northern Ireland
Member of Land2
University of the West of England – Mentored for Research
Central Saint Martins - MA Fine Art
Nottingham Trent University – BA (Hons) Fine Art 2:1
Winchester School of Art – Foundation
Portsmouth University - PGCE

I am an artist and lecturer based in Hampshire in the UK. I have a studio in my garden, where I am currently developing a series of drawings made in egg yolk and graphite.

Apart from drawing my other main discipline is painting including using oil paint to make an animation to using egg tempera. I am versatile in most paint mediums

2013 - Southampton City Art Gallery

My experience with lecturing and workshops hovers between mainstream education and gallery education. This has given me the opportunity to develop bespoke material that I can then weave into assessed criteria. By working within gallery settings has enabled me to keep abreast of current trends and to broaden my student’s outlook via gallery visits and specific projects run by myself and the gallery. It has also enabled me to deliver professional practice workshops in a hands-on way that is more meaningful to the student. I am currently Course Team Leader at Fareham College


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