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are you looking for studio space? we have opportunities for local artists, engaged in contemporary art practice, to hold a space in unit11studios. we offer flexible, affordable space, monthly critique groups, peer support, and an all inclusive rental package of £100 per month. to see our artists at work in the space, see our gallery at www.unit11studios.wordpress.com/gallery

unit11studios operate as a not for profit collective, active in the city’s cultural evolution. we provide a platform for creative development, generating opportunities individually, collaboratively and collectively, locally and nationally.

Unit11studios is an artists’ collective located in central southampton, on the bank of the river itchen.

our aims are: to provide affordable studio space to art practitioners resident in the city, and bring together a group of engaged and active contemporary artists, and other creative individuals and groups, who like to talk, make, and theorise around art practice and related issues.

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