Toddle & Waddle

Communicare in Southampton are joining forces with Active Nation to provide a 4-week fitness class combining activities for toddlers and older less mobile people. Essentially the classes will consist of participants taking part in their own separate excercise sessions and later joining together with a shared physical activity then drinks and a chat to finish. There are already two classes for both groups of people that are run at The Quays in Southampton which are Little Sports and Sit and Get Fit. What Toddle & Waddle does is combine the two classes acting as a dual purpose of age specific and combined fitness to improve mobility and fitness. You will have seen programmes such as 'Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds' on Channel 4 and others similar that demonstrate evidence that when older people spend time with young children their health both mentally and physically improves dramatically. It is our hope that we will see great improvements in mobility and fitness too. We have been able to run this pilot study due to the Southampton Healthy Living grant. If you would like to find out more or sign up then please click on our website link on 'Tickets' or call The Quays 023 8072 0922 or email