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Laurie Barriol

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I am Laurie Barriol an experienced EU funding Consultant. For the last 9 years I have been working in European projects/programmes development & coordination in collaboration with various stakeholders such as Local Authorities, not for profit organisations, universities, training providers and businesses.

I am able to adapt myself to different environment and culture; born in France I have been living and working for the last 9 years successively in Spain and UK.
This also gave me language skills as I am able to communicate in French, Spanish and English.

I am passionate about arts, culture, youth, social inclusion, education, skills & training, languages projects and developing EU projects in those sectors .

I am really dedicated to my job and like to develop new opportunities in Europe making a positive difference and help organisation to understand better the EU jargon and opportunities.

People who knows me are saying that I am a person who is “thinking outside the box” and with a positive attitude.


I am the founder of Inspire-EU , an European Funding Consultancy based in Southampton. I am providing support for developing and coordinating EU projects in artistic, cultural, educational and social sectors.

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