Gill Kaye

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Visual Arts


Mixed Media



Artist - currently going through a portrait phase.
I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Wanting to record a striking view or notable occasion I started drawing and painting the world around me, taking a sketch book with me everywhere, recording everyday scenes and events.
"It is Gill's capacity for observation that enables her to capture the mood of a subject and bring it to life."

An illustrator, working generally in a traditional style, I’ve worked mainly on short stories, children’s stories and even poems! Currently illustrating a 500 page supernatural thriller called ‘Touch Not The Horse’ by new author Tony Gavali.

Working generally from photographs I will produce a portrait of your child/ grandchild/ husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ mum/ dad/ dog/ cat/ horse etc etc - or any combination of the above! Have also been known to do portraits of houses/ favourite buildings.

Personally commissioned portraits (as above) make fabulous and unique gifts. Most of the commissions I have undertaken have been for gifts - birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentines... or just because...!


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