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Last Wednesday I visited The Art House in Southampton and although it was most definitely not the first time I had visited it was the first time I took time to truly understand what it’s all about.  The Art House, set up in 2008, is a wonderful venue in the heart of Southampton; which moved to Above Bar Street in 2009.  As a café The Art House sells a scrummy array of vegetarian and vegan friendly snacks, meals, light lunches and AMAZING cake! As soon as you walk through the door you’re welcomed by the colourful interior, beautiful local art work and quirky trinkets throughout the café. The music played is that of local musicians, most of who have performed, or are planning to perform at The Art House. Instantly, you understand and join the celebration of grass roots artists and the support that The Art House provides to those looking for somewhere to perform, create, explore and; most importantly, enjoy a wide variety of creative arts.

As I mentioned, The Art House is a great intimate live performance venue; it is also a place where community groups meet up on a regular basis: British Sign Language social, French Language social, Drawing Workshop, Book Club, Photography Group, Comic Book Club. The list is endless.  There really is something for everyone.

If you’ve never visited The Art House before, you should absolutely put it onto your to do list. I myself plan to pop in this Sunday to enjoy their vegetarian roast dinner! There are very few venues like The Art House within Southampton and we must support it as much as it supports us.



Written by Jamie Templeman

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