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I’m Rosanna, the Artistic Director of theatre company Unexpected Places. As the name suggests we create theatre in and from unexpected places and formed in May 2013, joining Culture Hampshire soon after. When I heard about Culture Hampshire I jumped at the chance to become part of a local network, having seen, and been a part of, similar networks in Leicester and London. I had been hoping for a site that would pull together artists of all disciplines into one handy directory and show off the talent that we have in Hampshire, but I have found that Culture Hampshire has become much more than this.

At the start of 2014, having worked on a show ‘From Scraps’ that had been performed in Lincoln and Bristol, we decided to take show to Prague Fringe Festival. However, to do so meant we had to raise just over £1k through crowd funding platform Zequs. Culture Hampshire we’re fantastic in supporting us in getting the campaign out through social media channels, always retweeting us on Twitter and so making more people aware of what we were trying to do. Throughout all of our projects Culture Hampshire has been there to support us. We are just one company of hundred’s in the directory, but the site has a really personable feel and is growing larger and more useful by the month.


Going to Prague was a fantastic experience for myself and my company, who now have a professional international credit to their names. It was a real challenge to get there, but a challenge and experience that has driven us forward in our plans to continue to make our own work. Seeing children with English as a second language enjoy the movement and the story of our show helped us to see the universal appeal our work can have, and the likeability our two puppets Jack and Maurice have – who certainly feel as if they have a life of their own now!

With Culture Hampshire’s introduction of the jobs board and regular newsletters about member’s events, I hope that more people will start to use the service, and from this that more of us will connect to work with each other, support each others work, and start to generate a close artistic community in Hampshire. I have now moved permanently back to the area to develop my work, and I hope that other artists will start to follow suit.

Rosanna Sloan

Artistic Director

Unexpected Places

Unexpected Places are now running weekly affordable drama workshops for children, teenagers and adults in Hamble on Wednesday’s. To find out more please email or visit  To find out more about the companies work please visit or follow them on Twitter @U_Places. 




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