The phenomenon of early Christmas


No matter how much some people try to ignore the fact that it’s getting close, there’s no denying that come November the bells start ringing in Christmas.

I might not be the right person to have the when-is-it-ok-to-start-being-excited-about-Christmasdiscussion with.

Anyone who really knows me is painfully aware that I start listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album in July. Christmas is without a doubt the very best time of the year, and I have only grown fonder of it as the years have gone by. All through fall I just wait for the snow to fall and the stores to finish their Christmas displays.

I don’t get all the rant about early Christmas. People are lashing out on social media the second they discover Christmas marzipan in their local food store. Are you unable to have a good time before December gets here? Nothing gives me a better feeling than Christmas, so why wouldn’t I want it for as long as possible? Given I’m not spending the actual holidays in Hampshire, I’m forever thankful the wonderful Christmas lights in the streets come early. That way I get to experience Christmas in both the countries I love.

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This year I’m definitely going to Winter Wonderland at Funland Hayling and The Victorian Festival of Christmas in Portsmouth. I love layering up with my knitted sweaters, scarves and woollen mitts and finding the real Christmas feeling. If the weather gods would answer my prayers and make sure we’d see some snow this year I imagine these events will be absolutely perfect.

Another aspect of the whole thing is of course the fact that the people making Christmas merchandise like trees, ornaments, chocolates and wrapping paper wouldn’t earn that much money off of it if they were only allowed to sell their stuff during December. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? I say: EMBRACE IT!

I have already crossed three gifts off my list this year. I feel really efficient. Have you started the shopping yet? And more importantly – how do you feel about early Christmas?

Words and images by: Line Omland Eilevstjonn, a Norwegian chocolate addict spending the year in Southampton.


Winter Wonderland at Funland Hayling
23rd, 29th and 30th November.
6th and 7th December.
13th to 24th December.

Tickets are found here.

The Victorian Festival of Christmas
28th November to 30th November.

Tickets are found here. 


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