Southampton based sculpture workshops with local artist Donna McGhie

Local Southampton artist Donna explains her new Powertex workshops….

“Since gaining my level 2 Powertex Training Certificate I have been really enjoying setting up and facilitating workshops both for those who just want a taster session, which involves upcycling either a record or a bottle and also for those who want to take home a beautifully crafted fairy sculpture to impress their family and friends.

The beauty of Powertex products is their quality means that absolutely anyone can make a sculpture they are truly proud of. One of the things I love most about my workshops is seeing the look of pure pride on someone’s face when their sculpture starts to come to life, and although for the fairies people may well start off with the same basic face – it is wonderful to see how each and everyone gradually starts to take on the personality of the person sculpting.

Each workshop seems to run in the same way – there is the inital getting to know each other stage, some people are quite nervous initially, convinced they will not be able to make something as good as everyone else – this is followed by a lovely buzzy feeling as people relax and start to chat openly about all sorts of things – it is amazing how therapeutic getting your hands stuck into a pot of Powertex can be – then there is a period of almost intense silence. I think this is the time I love the most, when you can see the concentration on people’s faces as they really start to ‘own’ and become immersed their own piece of art. They start to care less about matching up to other people’s standard, and really start to believe that what they are creating will be something they can be truly proud of.

Once the sculptures are complete there is an atmosphere of celebration, as people admire each others work, and congratulations abound, before each work of art is carefully bubble wrapped up to go home, usually accompanied by people saying how their families and friends will never believe they have made it themselves – but they have, and they have every right to be proud.”

Find out more by visiting Donna’s website:

Next workshop date: 19 October – make a spooky Halloween plaque to scare the neighbours!! 11-2 at Magik Earth Southampton, cost £15


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