Twincredible fun at Camp Bestival 2014

Of course we’ll still climb Mount Kilimanjaro, snowboard every winter and frequent the summer festival circuit, we thought when we found out we were expecting twins. But as any parent knows these things become a little more complicated once the bambinos arrive, and sometimes even getting out of the front door feels like climbing a mountain.

But this summer, Camp Bestival has made it possible for us to achieve at least the latter of these ambitions, a family friendly festival where our 7 week old babies Indy and Izzy could experience their first fiesta.

Set against the stunning Dorset coastline and in the shadow of the magical Lulworth castle, Camp Bestival is the ultimate playground of every child’s imagination. Where circus performers mingle amongst toddlers being pulled around in their pimped up trolleys. Where Mr Tumble meets top musical acts like Basement Jaxx under a blue sky filled with bubbles and silk Bollywood garlands.

There is something for everyone here, from a catwalk for budding fashionista tots, to the funky food stands with their enticing smells satisfying my ever hungry husband. And from stalls selling fairy wings (I can’t resist a pair for Izzy to wear when she’s older), to cocktails in jam jars, a much appreciated treat for a new mum who has refrained from such things for almost a year.

As I navigate my way through a hula hoop competition towards the baby chill out area to feed Indy, I can’t wait to bring the twins again next year and my imagination is already running wild as to whether the trolley I create for them should be a recreation of our family VW campervan or a carriage fueled by bubbles.  After all, you can always do with more bubbles in your life whatever your age and life outside the walls of lulworth castle suddenly seems very boring.

Hannah Payne

Culture Hampshire Blogger and New Twin Mummy

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