Nuffield Laboratory: a brand new artist development programme

lab•o•ra•to•ry noun, often attributive lə-ˈbär-ə-t(ə-)rē a place providing

opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study

Nuffield is proud to introduce the pilot season of our brand new artist development programme, Nuffield Laboratory. It is a space where Nuffield and our community of artists can experiment with new ideas; a creative hub for exploration and discovery. We collaborate with theatre-makers from Hampshire, the South and across the UK to explore new creative ideas or to hone and develop their theatrical craft.

This our first Laboratory season is jam-packed full of opportunities: whether you’re looking to meet new collaborators through our Grapevine artist networking events, to scratch or develop your work through our Experiment and Tenancy schemes, or for more bespoke one-to-one advice via a Producing Surgery, there are loads of ways to get involved. We aim to collaborate with artists through an open dialogue that enhances the creative life and work of both our organisation and of the theatre-makers we support. In other words, we want to offer real, transparent opportunities that actually support you and your practice as well as enhancing ours.

We are also piloting our new Laboratory Network, a membership scheme for professional and aspiring artists that aims to make seeing our work more affordable and accessible for artists, whilst also offering first access to a wide range of top-end FREE professional masterclasses. For more details on how to join this scheme please refer to our website.

On behalf of Nuffield, and as the producer and curator of the Laboratory, I’d love to extend a huge hello to theatre-makers from across the country who are interested in hearing more or getting involved. We want to meet you and hear about the work that you make. Drop me an email on for more information, follow us on twitter @NuffieldLAB, or you can have a look through the information on our website.

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